Wilkinsburg Business District Revitalization Plan

Wilkinsburg Business District Revitalization

Burt Hill, an international multidisciplinary firm, provided land use planning, urban design and landscape architecture services to prepare a Business District Revitalization Plan for the borough of Wilkinsburg near Pittsburgh. This plan is part of a larger Comprehensive Plan of the state of Pennsylvania.

Burt Hill used CityCAD to provide:

  • 3D visualizations
  • land use quantification
  • generalized costs

This new process provided the public with a higher level of understanding and interaction in the planning process than is possible with traditional methods.

This was achieved by generated visuals of the three concepts to understand what different qualities and quantities of revitalization looked like in the community, and helped to communicate and review design issues with both specialist and non-specialist participants.

The most compelling and effective components of the alternative scenarios were blended into a consensus plan to be presented for adoption to the borough council of Wilkinsburg.

With this software we were able to bring a greater level of understanding to the community, and generate more excitement about the project ... I anticipate CityCAD being an integral part of many more of our projects in the future.

Having been involved in the design and visualization of planning and development projects for over 20 years, I find that CityCAD fulfills a long term wish - to create compelling imagery, and, at the same time, provide meaningful data so that the image isn't just a ‘pretty picture’.

Richard Prescott, one of the first generation of CityCAD expert-users