CityCAD 2.6.0 released

CityCAD 2.6.0 has been released. This includes a few new features as well as several stability and performance upgrades.

Mixed-use floors in buildings and perimeter blocks

If you want to include several land uses on a floor within a 'Building' or 'Mixed-use Perimeter' block, you can now create new land use subdivisions and specify a percentage for each one. All of the data will then be accounted for in the usual way.

Custom parameters now have variable scope

Before CityCAD 2.6.0, custom parameters could be set for nodes, routes, blocks, floors and city items.

If one of your parameters is only relevant to certain types of element - for example a 'traffic flow' attribute would only be relevant to streets and not buildings - then you can now specify this and values can only be entered for that parameter if an appropriate element is selected.

Sample perimeter block settings

CityCAD 2.6.0 comes with a wider built-in library of block styles in the 'Settings Library' panel, to make it quicker to get started building models. These include:

  • Low, medium and high density residential blocks
  • Mixed-use city centre blocks

New street and object libraries

CityCAD 2.6.0 contains several new real-world streets in the built-in street library.

We are also reworking the online resources so that more objects such as rail stations and viaducts, street furniture and generic buildings commonly found in cities can be downloaded directly into your CityCAD model.