Updated Free CityCAD Viewer released

CityCAD Viewer has been updated to version 2.2.1.

You can use CityCAD Viewer to open and explore URB-format city models. You can't draw any new blocks or streets (you need the full CityCAD application to do this), but you can view and explore models, extract diagrams and data, organize elements in different groups, and edit some basic land use, movement, environmental and appraisal settings.

CityCAD Viewer includes many of the same analysis features as CityCAD - for example shading according to distance to shops (above)

Do you want to share your CityCAD models with colleagues, clients or other stakeholders?

If they don't have a licensed copy of CityCAD, you can direct them to www.holisticcity.co.uk/downloads where they can download their own copy of CityCAD Viewer. Completely free of charge, and no need for a licence or activation codes - it just opens as soon as it's installed.