CityCAD 2.7.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 2.7.0.

Enhanced CAD drawing features

New CityCAD drawing tools

CityCAD 2.7 includes a range of new drawing features to make it easier to draw new street networks more precisely.

These include:

  • New drawing constraints allowing you to draw lines at fixed angles from existing streets.
  • Offset tool for easily creating a copy of a route at a fixed distance perpendicular to the original.
  • A fillet tool for extending routes and joining them at their intersection point.
  • An extend tool for extending routes to specified limits.
  • New inferred snaps to points away from the line you are drawing.

CityCAD Online

New CityCAD Online panel

CityCAD 2.7 also introduces more features to the CityCAD Online panel.

You can now set your site's geographic location and view key facts about the location, including climate data, nearby entries in the city design reference library, and the name of the location.

Additional datasets will be included for specific countries. For example, if you are working on a site in the UK you can view nearest train stations as well as average residential price information.

If you are already using CityCAD, please download and run the latest setup file to update your installations. This will not affect your license.

If you would like to evaluate the new version, you are welcome to a 30-day free trial.