CityCAD 2.6.10 released

We are pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 2.6.10.

There are no major new features in this version, but it includes significant internal changes, performance upgrades and stability improvements. The setup file has also been upgraded to provide a smoother installation experience.

If you are already using CityCAD, when convenient please download and run the setup file to update your installations. This will not affect your license. If you would like to evaluate the new version, you are welcome to a 30-day free trial.

CityCAD Online

The new CityCAD Online panel is available from inside CityCAD and includes the following:

  • CityCAD help articles and tutorials
  • Object library (urban spaces, buildings etc) which can be quickly inserted into the current CityCAD model
  • Search the City Design Reference Library for streets, spaces and housing projects to find examples relevant to your project.
  • Online analysis of your current CityCAD model (see below)

Online Analysis

CityCAD Online panel with street search feature

Select elements in your model and click 'Online Analysis', and receive information about your site. This information varies according to availability - at the moment for sites in the UK it will provide, where available :

  • The name of the ward (e.g. 'Ladywood Ward')
  • The name of the district (e.g. 'Birmingham District')
  • The new ONS (Office of National Statistice) local authority code (e.g. 'E08000025)
  • The country name (e.g. 'England')
  • The closest postcode to the site.
  • The closest streets in the city design reference library (if streets are selected)
  • The closest UK rail stations.

More information will be made available, as well as information for other countries in the world.