CityCAD 2.8.2 released

We have released version 2.8.2 of CityCAD, our conceptual urban masterplanning application. This is a maintenance release with performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

CityCAD 2.8.2 also supports our City Information Modelling Toolkit.

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Please download the setup file and you can activate it with a built-in 30-day free trial.

Existing user?

Please download and install the latest version and your license will be unaffected.


CityCAD 2.7.3 released

New visualization features in CityCAD 2.7.3

We have released version 2.7.3 of our conceptual urban masterplanning application.

If you haven't used CityCAD before, this is a great time to try it out. Download and run the setup file and you can activate a free trial for 30 days. Then go to our list of video tutorials and watch 'Getting started'.

Do you already have a CityCAD license?

You can upgrade to this version free of charge - just download and run the setup file. This will update your existing installation and your license will be unaffected.

Have you tried a free trial of CityCAD before?

If you've already tried CityCAD in the past and would like to try the latest version, that's no problem. Just email us a quick note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining that you would like to try CityCAD 2.7.3 and we'll create a new trial license for you.

Summary of all new features since CityCAD 2.6

Drawing and editing improvements

  • New offset, fillet and extend tools to draw lines and streets more quickly and precisely.
  • Drawing constraints to fixed angles relative to the grid and nearby geometry. For example, if you start drawing a street leading off another street, it will snap to a direction at 90 degrees from the original street.
  • Inferred snaps make it easier and quicker to draw rectilinear blocks.

New drawing and editing tools

Enhanced visualization features

CityCAD clay render

  • Ambient occlusion shading to improve perception of shapes.
  • Specular highlights (sun reflection) on all surfaces in the model.
  • Customizeable brightness settings in display preferences

Enhanced visualization

  • Custom model shading options

Performance improvements

  • New memory management system for ground plane images
  • Improved DXF interchange system with better performance and a new option to export only individual trees, route or block interior trees in the DXF model.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

CityCAD 2.7.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 2.7.0.

Enhanced CAD drawing features

New CityCAD drawing tools

CityCAD 2.7 includes a range of new drawing features to make it easier to draw new street networks more precisely.

These include:

  • New drawing constraints allowing you to draw lines at fixed angles from existing streets.
  • Offset tool for easily creating a copy of a route at a fixed distance perpendicular to the original.
  • A fillet tool for extending routes and joining them at their intersection point.
  • An extend tool for extending routes to specified limits.
  • New inferred snaps to points away from the line you are drawing.

CityCAD Online

New CityCAD Online panel

CityCAD 2.7 also introduces more features to the CityCAD Online panel.

You can now set your site's geographic location and view key facts about the location, including climate data, nearby entries in the city design reference library, and the name of the location.

Additional datasets will be included for specific countries. For example, if you are working on a site in the UK you can view nearest train stations as well as average residential price information.

If you are already using CityCAD, please download and run the latest setup file to update your installations. This will not affect your license.

If you would like to evaluate the new version, you are welcome to a 30-day free trial.

New CityCAD Single-User Subscriptions

Limited time offer for sole practitioners and smaller firms

In response to feedback from the CityCAD community, for a limited time we are offering a new license type for commercial use. This is available to sole practitioners, and to designers based within smaller organizations (10 or fewer people).

How much does the single user subscription cost?

  • A monthly subscription is £49 + VAT / month ($79 / month)
  • An annual subscription is £499 + VAT / year ($799 / year)

For full details of how to order, please visit our online store

Why is CityCAD a valuable tool for smaller practices?

CityCAD can significantly increase the capacity of smaller city design and planning practices, as it allows you to sketch up a 3D design very quickly and then automatically generate all of the analysis. No more counting parking spaces or calculating residential densities - CityCAD will automatically estimate total unit numbers, densities, car parking and other data from your 3D model.

In this way, a single designer or very small team can produce high quality, tested, complex masterplan concepts which would otherwise take many hours of modelling, re-drawing and re-calculation to produce.

If you haven't used CityCAD before, online tutorial videos can help you learn the basics of the software in a couple of hours.

Price guarantee

We are offering these discounted licenses for a limited time, but will keep the offer open until at least the end of September 2014.

If you sign up before the offer ends, we guarantee that you will be able to keep the low subscription rate for at least three years if you keep the subscription going.

Signing up to a CityCAD license is also risk free as you can cancel any subscription within the first 14 days and receive a full refund.

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CityCAD 2.6.10 released

We are pleased to announce the release of CityCAD 2.6.10.

There are no major new features in this version, but it includes significant internal changes, performance upgrades and stability improvements. The setup file has also been upgraded to provide a smoother installation experience.

If you are already using CityCAD, when convenient please download and run the setup file to update your installations. This will not affect your license. If you would like to evaluate the new version, you are welcome to a 30-day free trial.

CityCAD Online

The new CityCAD Online panel is available from inside CityCAD and includes the following:

  • CityCAD help articles and tutorials
  • Object library (urban spaces, buildings etc) which can be quickly inserted into the current CityCAD model
  • Search the City Design Reference Library for streets, spaces and housing projects to find examples relevant to your project.
  • Online analysis of your current CityCAD model (see below)

Online Analysis

CityCAD Online panel with street search feature

Select elements in your model and click 'Online Analysis', and receive information about your site. This information varies according to availability - at the moment for sites in the UK it will provide, where available :

  • The name of the ward (e.g. 'Ladywood Ward')
  • The name of the district (e.g. 'Birmingham District')
  • The new ONS (Office of National Statistice) local authority code (e.g. 'E08000025)
  • The country name (e.g. 'England')
  • The closest postcode to the site.
  • The closest streets in the city design reference library (if streets are selected)
  • The closest UK rail stations.

More information will be made available, as well as information for other countries in the world.

CityCAD 2.6.0 released

CityCAD 2.6.0 has been released. This includes a few new features as well as several stability and performance upgrades.

Mixed-use floors in buildings and perimeter blocks

If you want to include several land uses on a floor within a 'Building' or 'Mixed-use Perimeter' block, you can now create new land use subdivisions and specify a percentage for each one. All of the data will then be accounted for in the usual way.

Custom parameters now have variable scope

Before CityCAD 2.6.0, custom parameters could be set for nodes, routes, blocks, floors and city items.

If one of your parameters is only relevant to certain types of element - for example a 'traffic flow' attribute would only be relevant to streets and not buildings - then you can now specify this and values can only be entered for that parameter if an appropriate element is selected.

Sample perimeter block settings

CityCAD 2.6.0 comes with a wider built-in library of block styles in the 'Settings Library' panel, to make it quicker to get started building models. These include:

  • Low, medium and high density residential blocks
  • Mixed-use city centre blocks

New street and object libraries

CityCAD 2.6.0 contains several new real-world streets in the built-in street library.

We are also reworking the online resources so that more objects such as rail stations and viaducts, street furniture and generic buildings commonly found in cities can be downloaded directly into your CityCAD model. 

CityCAD 2.5.0 Released

CityCAD 2.5 has been released, five years after CityCAD 1.0 was launched in 2008.

New license management system

The most significant upgrade is a new license management system. From a secure login area on our website, you can now:

  • view and manage your CityCAD licenses
  • purchase, renew or cancel your existing licenses
  • request quotes
  • view billing information and download invoices for each of your orders
  • access an archive of account emails that have been sent to you
  • submit and view support tickets, and discuss issues with other users in your organization

This new licensing database is fully integrated with CityCAD 2.5, so you can purchase, activate and deactivate your copies automatically. The new system also makes it easy to transfer licenses between PCs in your office as needed.

New city modelling and analysis features

Other new features include:

  • All CityCAD Help articles are now online to ensure that you are viewing the most up-to-date information, and all articles can be viewed in the City Design Assistant panel.
  • A new search feature has been included in the Help system to make it quicker to find the article you are looking for.
  • New HD video tutorials have been prepared with audio description, and have been uploaded to our YouTube page.
  • Urban Resource (.urbresource) files are new utility files which can make it easier to exchange information and custom land use settings with other members of your team.
  • A new 'car park' category for custom land uses makes it easier to create and account for several different types of parking - for example multi-storey, deck and surface parking - in your model.
  • New online database resources for sites in the UK have been added to the online database in the City Design Assistant panel. The plan is to expand this to other countries and regions.

Get your 30-day free trial

The free trial has been reset, so you can now download and activate a fully-featured 30-day free trial of CityCAD, even if you have already activated a free trial for a previous version.

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What's new?

Online account management

You can now register and log in to your own secure account management area where you can:

  • view and manage your active licenses
  • edit your details
  • create support tickets
  • view and manage invoices

You can also use your 'master account' to create sub-accounts for others in your organization - for example you can create accounts for CityCAD users, who can then log in and view and comment on each other's technical support requests. You can also create administrative logins with access to invoicing, billing and payment.

CityCAD 2.4 released

CityCAD 2.4 introduces several new modelling and analysis features.

More flexible city modelling

The new 'Adjacent Blocks' settings for streets give you more flexibility when modelling with perimeter blocks or perimeter objects (e.g. houses). For example, you can set the block depth along a route to zero in order to form L-shaped or U-shaped perimeter blocks, or switch off houses along internal block lanes.

Custom shading

CityCAD 2.4 includes a new custom shading system, where you can specify colours for shading according to attributes such as number of storeys or net parking spaces.

CityCAD 2.4 also includes several miscellaneous improvements:

  • New 'Add at same position' option for ground plane images allows you to import a second image at exactly the same location as an image already in your model. This can be useful if you have several parameter plans showing different things, but which all need to be placed at the same location in your model.
  • New 'Refresh from image file' option allows you to replace an image already on the ground plane with another. This can be useful if you need to update an image such as a concept plan or sketch, but don't want the hassle of re-importing it at the same location.
  • Energy and resource use inputs can now be set 'per day', as well as per week, month and year.
  • Graphic improvements to subdivision drawing to make it easier to see subdivision lines when drawing.
  • Stability improvements to online database, and option to search for new results from within the online database panel.
  • New layout option where the properties panel can extend to the full height of the CityCAD window with the city analysis panels still visible, making it easier to edit models on smaller laptop screens.
  • Miscellaneous stability and performance enhancements.

Please download and install when convenient. If you have trialled a previous version of CityCAD, but this has now expired, we would be pleased to offer you a free trial of the latest version. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

CityCAD 2.2.4 released

This is a maintenance release with some performance enhancements for ground plane images, and improved handling of custom land use, group and phase information when importing CityCAD files into other CityCAD files.