Training - overview

Developing skills in using and managing CityCAD is essential to getting the most out of your investment in the software. There are many ways that this can be achieved, and we can prepare a training programme suited to your requirements, or work flexibly with other training partners and resources where appropriate.

Informal training

Most CAD learning happens informally by getting stuck in to a model and learning from each issue that arises.

CityCAD includes basic introductory video tutorials and comprehensive help documentation to help this process. When using CityCAD, you can press F1 to access the help articles.

Self-teaching can be one of the most effective ways to learn quickly, and we can support this process by offering drop-in visits and 'at seat' training.

One of our consultants can meet with your CAD users individually for an hour or two in order to discuss the current project, help with any problems and discuss ways of doing things more quickly. This type of session is most effective after your CAD users have mastered the basics of CityCAD.

Formal training

We offer a three day intensive course of basic, intermediate and advanced CityCAD skills, which can be taken separately or all together.

We normally deliver training at your own offices and offer this at a fixed rate if you are based in London or the South-East region. If you are based elsewhere or outside of the UK, please contact us to discuss training options.

The third day of advanced skills includes an important section on CityCAD management. In order to get the most out of CityCAD, or any investment in technology, effective management of models is as important as skills used in drawing and editing the model itself.