You can enter data and assumptions for your site, and CityCAD will calculate a range of sustainability-related indicators.

  • Set default electrical and other energy consumption and generation rates, as well as refuse generation and water consumption rates, for any land use.
  • Specify target recycling rates and see instant calculation of estimated quantity of recycled material.
  • Set rates by day, week, month or year, and to apply as a total, or per person, per unit area or per unit.
  • Specify embodied carbon in kgCO2e/sqm and see estimated totals for the model.
  • Specify operational carbon rates for energy and resource use, and assumptions for car travel, and total carbon emissions in kgCO2e/year will be calculated.
  • Pie chart summary of total built-up area, parks/green space, woodland and water in the model.
  • Summary of different types of trees by number.
  • Pie chart showing the mix of residential units achieving a specified environmental criteria.
  • Summary of overall quantities of residential and non-residential development (by floorspace or unit numbers) which have achieved specified environmental criteria (e.g. Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3).
  • Summary of % of rectangular blocks where the long axis lies within 15 degrees of the east-west axis.
  • Summary of % of rectangular blocks where the long axis is at least 1.5 times longer than the short axis.