Street analysis

As you work on your street design, Streetscape Pro can keep track of important information.

Height / width ratio

This is an important indicator of how enclosed and/or defined the street will feel. Many of the most characterful and successful streets in the world are quite narrow compared to most newly-built streets.


Active frontage is an important measure of how lively and safe a street will feel, and also how successful it may be as a public place.

Residential Units

You can set a number of units per entrance, and Streetscape Pro can then estimate the total number of units, based on the number of entrances as specified above. From this, it can display an estimate for the number of on-street parking spaces per unit.

Construction and Maintenance costs

You can enter these for each part of the streetscape such as pavements or vehicle lanes. For example, if you set a cost per square metre, then the total cost will adjust if you make that part of the street wider, or if you adjust the total length of the street.

Other data

Keep track of the total width of the street corridor, the total number of cycle parking spaces, trees and the total area of pavement in your street design.