Spatial liveability analysis

What is spatial liveability analysis?

Liveability, or quality of life analysis can mean many things, but in urban masterplanning it normally refers to a measure of how convenient, safe and rewarding it is to live somewhere.

Objective measurement at the urban masterplan scale

Liveability is a very broad area of analysis and there are many hundreds of indicators that can be used to obtain this measure. These can be objective or subjective, and can measure aspects of the physical, economic, social and cultural environment. They can also be applied to large or small geographical areas.

Two well known quality of life indices are provided by Mercer and the Economist, which are based on indicators that apply at the level of a whole city or country. We call this 'macro-liveabiliity' analysis.

We work at the scale of individual urban blocks, masterplans and districts, not whole cities or countries. We also specialize in objective, design-oriented indicators, where distances can be measured, densities calculated and accessibility to nearby services and amenities analysed.

Liveability audit

We can prepare a detailed liveability audit of your study area.

After discussing your requirements with you, we can recommend a combination of tools which can include CityCAD and other technologies.

Liveability results can be complex because different people attach different weightings to the available indicators. For example, parents will place more value on proximity to primary education whereas young adults may place more value on proximity to social and cultural opportunities. We do not produce a single 'liveability score' for an area, but instead we generate a matrix of scores to represent the different priorities of all parts of the community. We believe this approach offers a much more meaningful and practical insight into your study area.

If you would be interested in discussing how this type of analysis could help your masterplanning activities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Liveability indicators

Hundreds of different indicators can be used to produce liveability scores, and the diagram below shows the system we generally use for categorizing liveability indicators.

The green containers show indicators that can be assessed using our standard CityCAD software. The indicators in blue require the use of customized tools and other approaches.