Puerto Paez Eco City, Apure, Venezuela

Above: the tree nursery at Puerto Paez

CityCAD was used to produce a preliminary conceptual masterplan of the new Puerto Paez Eco City in the south of Venezuela.

Puerto Paez is the first phase of an investment programme covering an area of more than a million hectares in the regional along the Meta and Orinoco rivers in the centre of the country. Historically, development has been concentrated in the cities of the north of the country around the capital Caracas, and this programme is designed to bring development to the centre and south of the country.

Gustavo Moran, of the Regional Government of Apure, said that the release of CityCAD was ‘perfect timing - we were entering the conceptual design masterplan for the first phase.’

The Puerto Paez scheme is an early preliminary design, and will be subject to community consultation and review by a multidisciplinary expert team.

CityCAD has also been used for a masterplanning study of an airport site at San Fernando. The software allowed options to be explored for redeveloping the site as the airport needed to be moved further away from the city.