CityCAD can keep track of movement engineering information such as car parking, cycle parking and trip generation. It can relate the number of parking spaces to the estimated demand or requirement, and let you know if you have a surplus or deficit of parking provision.

You can create and manage your own library of street types, import streets from Streetscape Pro, and browse the city design reference library for inspiration and comparison.

CityCAD's holistic 3D masterplan model also allows you to assess the walkability of an area - identify desire lines between certain land uses, walking routes and estimate the gradient of streets to highlight less accessible slopes.

Full list of movement-related features:

  • Create library of street types - combinations of any of the following streetscape elements: pavements, vehicle lanes (travel or curb lanes), reservations (medians), on-street parking lanes, cycle lanes or bus lanes.
  • Edit widths, colours and ground level of streetscape elements.
  • For non-vehicle elements, add trees at pre-defined spacing.
  • Add element-specific capital cost and maintenance values.
  • Total length of cycle lanes, and % of the total length of the route network.
  • Total length of bus lanes, and % of the total length of the route network.
  • Accessibility measure - % of the pedestrian network which is less steep than 1:50, between 1:50 and 1:20, between 1:20 and 1:12, and steeper than 1:12.
  • Average width of all streets, cycle lanes, bus lanes, pavements and vehicle lanes.
  • Total numbers of parking spaces at ground level, on-street, basement, above ground level, parking in City Items (imported CAD objects).
  • Average number of parking spaces per dwelling.
  • Average parking requirement per dwelling.
  • Total number of parking spaces existing in the model.
  • Total requirement for parking spaces in the model.
  • Net surplus or deficit of parking spaces.
  • Total number of cycle parking spaces existing in the model.
  • Total requirement for cycle parking spaces.
  • Net surplus or deficit of cycle parking spaces.
  • Number of parking spaces in 'Car Park' land use types can be specified as an exact number, or as a rate in units of area (e.g. sqm) per parking space.
  • Default trip generation rates can be set for each land use for daily trips, AM peak in, AM peak out, PM peak in and PM peak out. These can be specified as an absolute number, or as a number of trips per person, unit area, unit or parking space. Defaults can be overriden for individual elements in the model.