CityCAD modelling services

If you would prefer not to use CityCAD yourself, we can work with your team to create urban models and carry out analysis for your project.

We can assist you to create and set up a CityCAD model, import your base maps and data, and configure the model to the local environment and the needs of your project.

We can also assist you to integrate your existing spatial models and numerical data, carry out analysis of existing areas and simulate the impact of new development. We can use the standard CityCAD platform, or where appropriate we can develop customized software tools to meet your specific requirements.

We can then help you to test various scenarios, or we can hand over the model to you to sketch options yourself. Our team will of course be ready to help during this process.

At the end of your masterplan design process, we can extract all of the CityCAD model information in XML, DXF and XLS formats for your records.