London South Bank University

CityCAD was used by postgraduate students at London South Bank University as part of their analysis and proposals for London's South Bank area.

This programme from 2009 was the first large scale trial of CityCAD in an educational context, and Holistic City Software would like to thank Bob Jarvis and his students for their feedback.

CityCAD has great potential for helping urban design and planning education as it allows creative exploration of ideas to be informed by quantitative analysis from the earliest design stages.

Comments from students

“I believe the most useful and valuable tools of the program are its ability to calculate and present figures for floor areas of land uses, public spaces etc. This is so much quicker and easier for the designer as these figures can help support the principles of the scheme.”

“I found that experimenting with an urban design software package such as CityCAD to create blocks and roads gave me the ‘spatial’ understanding of how ‘urban armature’ is put together.”

“Playing around with CityCAD most certainly gave me the insight and confidence that I could create anything I wanted to.”

“For me, because it took less time to plot roads and buldings on a computer compared to drawing them, I found that I could ‘experiment’ with all sorts of ideas much faster ... experimentation has the potential to generate ideas for the site. The advantage is that you can view all sorts of results from a variety of angles using the mouse. It really does give you the freedom, ‘permission’ and confidence to do what you want to do on the site.”

Constructive criticisms

The programme also highlighted several areas where CityCAD could be improved - for example providing more structured training and help resources to get started with the software quicker.