London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets covers a large part of London's East End, including the Canary Wharf Financial Centre, the Tower of London, and many diverse historic communities such as Spitalfields, Brick Lane, Bow, Limehouse, Mile End, Millwall and Wapping.

The Borough faces a unique and complex set of planning challenges, including continued pressure for residential and commercial growth and a significant legacy of post-war housing developments. It was also a host borough for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Tower Hamlets has been using CityCAD in a variety of applications, including:

  • masterplanning
  • acceptable scale / massing models for planning briefs
  • estate regeneration work
  • appraisal of architect's drawings

Andrew Black, Major Projects Planner with the Borough, describes a typical project using CityCAD, “We generally use the program to import an OS map and then use the block drawing tools to model the surrounding area and look at different options for redevelopment on the site.”

He says, “It has been good to be involved with the evolution of CityCAD - when we have shown the results of our work to other teams within the Council the feedback has been very positive.”