Intermediate CityCAD training

This is day 2 of a 3-day intensive course. It can be taken separately from the other two days, although we recommend that users only take this course if they have achieved a basic level of familiarity with CityCAD beforehand.

Configuring CityCAD

  • Creating a library of block settings types
  • Creating a library of street types using the Streetscape Pro interface
  • Creating a library of commonly used urban typologies and saving in the URB File Library
  • Using Custom Parameters in the General panel

Importing information

  • Importing and updating base maps
  • Importing DXF-URB
  • Importing CityCAD files
  • Importing Streetscape Pro street files

Creating city models

  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts
  • CityCAD Node properties in detail
  • Adding elements from the URB File Library
  • Advanced use of snaps and keyboard shortcuts
  • Drawing and editing subdivisions
  • Advanced use of subdivisions
  • Boundary lines and Building Types

Editing your city model

  • The Settings Library in detail
  • Using the Edit Current Selection tools

City Analysis

  • Using the Current Selection panel
  • Setting criteria in the Advisor panel
  • An overview of Population settings
  • An overview of Density settings
  • Advanced Sustainability Analysis
  • Advanced Liveability Analysis
  • Advanced Movement Analysis
  • Introduction to custom parameters


  • Exporting sections
  • Exporting to KML
  • Creating reports
  • An introduction to block and route shading

CityCAD Management

  • Using CityCAD in a project demonstration or public meeting