Collaborative design events

CityCAD is a powerful tool for engaging audiences and collaborating on a masterplan design.

Different options for a site can be sketched and evaluated on screen in real time. For example, if you move a street, or change the size of a building, then all of the relevant quantities such as floor areas and densities are automatically and instantaneously recalculated.

In this way, CityCAD makes it easy to explain the implications of design changes and to test ideas in real time, supporting a more collaborative and inclusive approach.

What events can CityCAD support?

CityCAD works best in smaller, technical groups such as design teams or technical stakeholder workshops within a company or planning authority. It can also be used in larger public consultations, although the city model can require a greater degree of preparation in order to explain design issues more effectively to a non-specialist audience.

What can we help with?

Together with our specialist partners, and after discussing your needs in detail, we can organize, host and facilitate a CityCAD Collaborative Design Event to help you progress your masterplan design and build consensus around a particular scheme.