CityCAD Viewer

CityCAD Viewer is a free tool for opening and exploring URB-format models created with CityCAD.

It is completely free of charge and does not require any user registration or product activation.

You cannot draw or modify elements such as streets or buildings, but you can use CityCAD Viewer to change assumptions on costs, values, sustainability information and other settings for each land use.

We created CityCAD Viewer to help CityCAD users share their city models with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. It is intended to enable easier collaboration on masterplanning projects.

What can CityCAD Viewer do and what do I need the full version of CityCAD for?

CityCAD Viewer can be used to:

  • Open, explore and save CityCAD models
  • Select elements in a CityCAD model and view information about them
  • Change the group or phase of elements in a city model.
  • View all city analysis panels (except the 'advisor' tab and advanced appraisal features)
  • Add and edit simple costs and values to elements
  • Export images, reports, data and KML files
  • Access online database information
  • Shade your model according to variables such as residential density or net parking spaces

The full version of CityCAD is required to:

  • Draw and edit streets, blocks, trees, city items and graphic objects
  • Import information from CityCAD, Streetscape Pro or other CAD files
  • Change the properties of CityCAD elements
  • use the CityCAD Settings Library
  • Export your city model as a DXF file