Basic CityCAD training

This is day 1 of a 3-day intensive CityCAD training course. It can be taken separately from the other two days.

  • A 20-minute 'quick start' session to create a quick model and understand the basics of the software.
  • An introduction to help documentation, tutorials and other available resources.

Configuring CityCAD

  • Unit systems and local settings
  • Land use defaults

Importing information

  • Importing ground plane images
  • Importing DXF city items

Creating city models

  • Drawing routes
  • Introducing groups and phases
  • Quick sketching of masterplan concepts
  • An introduction to block types
  • Using the 'Next Floor' and 'Next Block' toolbar
  • Drawing city items and trees
  • Using the 'Draw blocks' feature
  • Using snaps

Editing your city model

  • Using the modify tool
  • Deleting elements
  • Copying and pasting elements
  • Using the Save/Apply Settings tools

City Analysis

  • Using the CIty Grid to keep track of floor areas and other quantities.
  • Using the Land Use Mix panel.
  • Introduction to sustainability analysis in CityCAD
  • An introduction to the movement tab
  • An introduction to liveability analysis
  • An introduction to the appraisal tab
  • Using the online database to find case studies


  • Exporting plan diagram images
  • Exporting DXF CAD models
  • Exporting data

CityCAD Management

  • Installation and activating CityCAD, and managing a small number of users.