Advanced CityCAD training

This is day 3 of a 3-day intensive course. It can be taken separately from the first two days, although we recommend that users only take this course if they have achieved a very good working knowledge of using CityCAD beforehand.

Importing information

  • Troubleshooting when importing DXF-URB files.
  • Importing tabular data files and mapping variables on to the CityCAD model
  • Troubleshooting when creating DXF City Items to be imported into CityCAD.

Creating city models

  • Overview of all route drawing methods and keyboard shortcuts.

City Analysis

  • Custom parameters in depth
  • Advanced Appraisal analysis – cost/value item types
  • Adding timings to the appraisal tab and viewing the timing chart.
  • Residual land valuation using the appraisal tab


  • Advanced techniques for improving graphic quality of outputs

CityCAD Management

  • Management of CityCAD as part of a wider project team
  • CityCAD and different project types
  • Using CityCAD as a conceptual design tool
  • Using CityCAD as an urban analysis tool
  • Managing information exchange with other applications
  • Dealing with larger scale models and optimizing graphics performance
  • CityCAD Licence Management

Technical (optional)

  • Recovering files using the Autosave feature
  • Managing configuration files
  • An overview of the URB file format and developing customized reporting tools
  • Plugin / extension options