About WorldPay payments

What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is the payment processing company which handles card transactions for our products and services. After selecting what you want in our store, you will then be redirected to a page on the WorldPay website to set up a FuturePay Agreement. 

What is a FuturePay Agreement?

FuturePay is a recurring payment service offered by WorldPay and works in a similar way to a direct debit.

The first time that you make a payment for one of our products or services, you will be redirected to the WorldPay website where you can set up a 'FuturePay Agreement'. Your credit card details are stored with WorldPay and you agree to let them process future payments for your orders.

For example, if you order a Standard Flexible Subscription and choose a 'Quarterly' billing cycle, then we will generate an invoice every 3 months and payment will be collected automatically through the WorldPay FuturePay system.

What if I only want to make one payment?

We will only take payment for the products and services that you order on our site. If it is a one-off payment, such as a CityCAD Perpetual License, then no further payments will be taken. However, the FuturePay Agreement will remain operational and so if you want to buy anything in future the payment process will be much quicker.

Can I cancel a FuturePay Agreement?

Yes, you can cancel the FuturePay agreement at any time. You can ask us to do this by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you can do it yourself by visiting the WorldPay Shopper area and clicking 'Agreement login'. You can sign in using your WorldPay username and password which will have been sent to you when the FuturePay Agreement was created. Please note these are different from your login details for our website.

Does Holistic City Limited store my credit card details?

No - when you set up your FuturePay agreement your credit card details are stored by WorldPay and not by us.

We do store other information relating to your account such as your contact details, orders, invoices, payment dates and support tickets. Please be assured we take your privacy very seriously and use encryption and other measures to protect the security of this data. For more information please see our privacy policy. You can view your Holistic City account details (including licenses) by visiting our client area.