What is CityCAD?

CityCAD is a new urban design software tool for conceptual 3D masterplanning of sites from 1 hectare up to about 200 hectares in size.

Sketch a layout of streets, adjust the sizes of buildings or the densities of blocks, and watch as CityCAD automatically and instantaneously estimates quantities, dwelling numbers, car parking requirements and much more.

Unlike other CAD tools, CityCAD has been created specifically for the needs of the city design and planning community and enables integrated, holistic analysis of your masterplan in the early design stages.

Overview of features

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How does CityCAD fit in with my existing tools?

CityCAD was created for conceptual masterplanning and is generally used at the start of projects to test ideas and analyse masterplan strategies. It can also be used for more detailed masterplanning, but is not intended for use at the detailed scheme design and construction stage.

At the appropriate time information can be exported - for example:

  • Street centrelines and block outlines can be exported to more detailed civil engineering applications for road, junction and earthworks design.
  • The whole CityCAD model can be exported as a 2D or 3D DXF (CAD) drawing, which can be worked up in more detail in other applications such as AutoCAD or SketchUp.
  • A schedule of all buildings, floors and other elements in the model can be exported to Excel, so the information can be used for preparing more detailed viability, leasing, planning, estate management or sustainability documentation.
  • You can export headline data into a summary report that can be opened in Word.

How does licensing work?

You can download CityCAD and activate a built-in 30-day free trial. After this, there are several options:

  • If you an are academic user, you can subscribe to a free academic subscription, which needs to be renewed every 90 days.
  • There are several commercial licence options and you can view details in our online store

In summary, we offer subscriptions and perpetual (no-expiry) licences. Subscriptions include use of the software, free upgrades to all new versions, as well as free technical support by email.

When you sign up to our website, you gain access to your own 'My Account' area where you can view and manage your CityCAD licences. If you are responsible for administrating several licences, contact us and we can set up an account where you can easily view and manage licences of others in your organization.