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Developing CityCAD standards

Like any other CAD program, a simple, clear set of drawing standards will greatly assist the management of files, improve efficiency within your organization and protect your investment in the software.

You may be part of a large organization with established procedures for managing your files. However, if you are a smaller organization or are developing CAD standards, you may find this list helpful in informing new procedures for CityCAD.

Please note the requirements of individual projects may vary, and this list will need to be tailored to your needs.

Group Management

You can set standards for how groups should be used. Depending on your project, you may want to organize groups according to:

Phase Management (Colour Coding)

You may want to standardize colours used in phase diagrams:

Drawing (Model) Standards

Street Library


Design / City Information Modelling Standards

Land Use Options

Energy / Resource Use Settings

Carbon Analysis Settings

Financial Appraisal Settings


DXF Export


Configuration Settings

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