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System Requirements

For CityCAD to operate reliably the following are minimum system requirements:

The performance of CityCAD will vary depending on the capabilities of your hardware, the complexity and size of the city model you are editing, and the graphics settings chosen.

Please note that Managed DirectX for .NET is not installed by default on many PCs, however this is included in the CityCAD Setup File. As part of the install process, a check will be made to see if you have the required DirectX files, and you will be prompted to install if necessary.

As a general rule, CityCAD is designed to be used on urban masterplans of between 1ha and about 200ha in size with an approximate maximum of about 500 blocks. You can use it on masterplans much larger than this - up to 50km x 50km - but performance may suffer depending on the complexity of the model. Improved performance will be noticed on more powerful systems.

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