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Snap settings

Here, you can adjust snap settings for drawing routes and subdivision lines.

For each type of snap:

Click 'All On' to switch all snaps on, and 'All Off' to switch all snaps off.

Click 'DXF Tracing' or 'Image Tracing' to optimize snap settings for tracing over DXF Base Maps or Ground Plane Images.

Click 'Use Narrow Range' to apply smaller snap settings for more detailed masterplanning, and 'Default' to apply the default snap radius.

There are two check boxes at the bottom-left of this panel:

Working on a more detailed model?

You can also set the snap radius to a fraction of a metre (eg. 0.3m) if you want to snap to more precise points.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note you can select default snaps at any time by typing Ctrl-Shift-D. Other keyboard shortcuts are available. For example Ctrl-Shift-R will select narrow range snaps for more detailed work.

If you click the tab at the top 'Subdivision Drawing', then you can edit the snap settings for drawing subdivision lines:

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