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What are Groups?

Groups are user-defined categories of elements, similar to 'layers' in other CAD applications.

You can change the group of Routes, Nodes, Blocks, Trees, City Items and Graphics Objects by selecting them and choosing a group in the 'General' group in the Properties panel.

Creating and Managing Groups

You can create and manage groups in the Groups/Phases dialog box. You can open this by going to City Menu: Groups, or by typing Ctrl-Shift-G, or by pressing the Groups button on the CityCAD toolbar.

To Add a Group

To Delete a Group

To Edit a Group:

Deleting Groups

If you delete a group, then all elements belonging to that group will be deleted as well. In this case, you will be warned and the 'Delete Elements?' dialog will appear with a list of all elements that will be deleted if you delete that group.

Adjust Transparency of Hidden Groups

If the Visibility of a group is turned off, then you can go to the Preferences window and adjust the transparency of hidden groups.

If you set the transparency to 100%, then they will be completely invisible. Alternatively, you can set the transparency to a different level so that 'hidden' groups appear faded compared to other groups.

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