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Graphics object tool

The Graphics Object tool is used to place graphics objects in your model.

Unlike most tools, it does not have a corresponding button in the CityCAD toolbar, but can be activated by clicking one of the following four buttons on the Graphics Toolbar:

Placing a Graphics Object

Once the tool is chosen, you can edit settings as required in the Graphics Object Properties panel for the item you want to add.

To draw the graphics object, move the mouse cursor into the main display window. You will see an image of the item you are about to add. Click once to place the object at the position of the mouse cursor.

You can click again to place multiple copies of the same type of graphics object.

Note that clicking will only set the x,y position of the object and not the level. If you have set the 'Level' to 10m, for example, then if you click at a point on the ground plane the object will appear 10m above.

Note that graphics objects will snap according to your current Snap preferences.

Hint - Use Mouse-Wheel Rotate

Before a Graphics Object is placed, you can hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel up and down to rotate it before you click to place it. This changes the default orientation. This can be useful if placing several items at a time.


If you are using the Graphics Object Tool, you can use the following shortcuts:

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