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Tree tool

The Tree tool is used to place general trees in your model. It is used to place 'General trees' - i.e. not trees on routes ('Route trees'), or generated by the Block Appearance settings ('Block trees').

You can choose the Tree Tool by clicking on the Tree Tool button on the CityCAD Toolbar.

Alternatively, if you are working in the Main Display Window and the last mouse click you made was in the 3D window, then press the keyboard shortcut 'T' to choose the Tree tool.

To Add a Tree

Choose the Tree Tool.

In the Tree Properties panel, choose the settings for the item you want to add.

Move the mouse cursor into the main display window - you will see an image of the tree you are about to add. Note that Trees will snap according to your current Snap preferences.

Click once to place a general tree at the position of the mouse cursor.


If you are using the Tree Tool, you can use the following shortcuts:

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