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Boundary route tool

The Boundary Route Tool is the same as the Route Tool, except that when it is chosen the Default Route Properties are set to a Boundary Route.

The drawing behaviour is exactly the same as the Route Tool - you can draw routes quickly on screen, or type in lengths and vectors.

You can choose the Boundary Route Tool by clicking on the Boundary Route Tool button on the CityCAD Toolbar.

What is the Boundary Route tool for?

Boundary Routes are often used for creating more detailed block layouts where the boundaries of individual buildings are defined by routes. This tool was introduced as a short cut to make it quicker to start drawing with Boundary Routes.

Please note that models with greater levels of detail such as the one below (created with boundary routes) consume more hardware resources. If the building detail is only required to provide context, and does not need to be edited, then we recommend that you import a DXF model of the buildings and place it as a city item.

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