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Route tool

The Route Tool is used to draw routes in the Main Display Window, and is the primary method of creating city models.

You can choose the Route Tool by clicking on the Route Tool button on the CityCAD Toolbar.

Alternatively, if you are working in the Main Display Window and the last mouse click you made was in that window, then press the keyboard shortcut 'R' to choose the select tool.

If you want to draw more than one route, see the Multi-Route Tools

Drawing a Route

Quick drawing

Click and drag from any point - you will see a ghosted image of the route you are drawing. When you have positioned the mouse cursor at the desired end point of the route, release the mouse button and the route will be created.

Using Snaps

Using the correct snap settings can improve your drawing experience when creating routes quickly. Go to the Snap Preferences to edit settings.

The default settings are intended for sketching urban masterplans. If you are tracing dxf base maps or images, then click the relevant buttons to adjust snap settings, or choose settings appropriate for the model you want to create.

More precise drawing (exact length or vector)

Click once at the start point of your route. A ghosted image of the route will appear. Also the length of the route will be displayed in white text next to the mouse cursor.

At this point you can either:

You can cancel drawing a route at any time by moving the mouse cursor or pressing escape.

Press enter to create the route at the length you specify.

Once you have drawn a route, it will be automatically selected. If required you can then change its properties in the Route Properties panel.

Drawing constraints to x/y axis and 30,45,60 degree angles

You can switch on Drawing Constraints in the Edit Menu or by the clicking the button in the Snaps Toolbar. This can be used to draw streets in orthogonal directions more easily.

Route Networks

If you draw a route which crosses over another route, then an intersection 'Node' will be created at that point. If you enclose an area with several routes, then a Block is created.
See Also: Working with routes


If you are using the Route Tool, you can use the following shortcuts:

Moving Around

Using the Grab tool is normally the best way to move quickly around your model, especially when used in conjunction with orbiting (hold down the mouse wheel button and drag).

Remember when using the select or modify tool, you can temporarily use the grab tool by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging using the mouse-wheel button.

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