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Rotate tool

The Rotate Tool is used to rotate elements such as blocks, nodes, routes, trees, city items and graphics objects in the Main Display Window around a specified base point.

You can choose the Rotate Tool by clicking on the Rotate Tool button on the CityCAD Toolbar.

Alternatively, if you are working in the Main Display Window and the last mouse click you made was in that window, then press the keyboard shortcut 'A' to choose the select tool.

Rotating Elements

You can rotate elements around a specified base point by following these steps:

You can now either:

What effect does it have on other elements when I rotate an element?


If you are using the Rotate Tool, you can use the following shortcuts:

Rotate Items before you place them

In some cases, you can avoid the need for the Rotate Tool if you rotate an item before placing it.

If you are pasting an element, or if you are about to draw a City Item or Graphics Object, or if you are about to add a Sample File from the City Design Assistant panel, you can rotate it before placing it by holding down the control key and scrolling with the mouse wheel button.

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