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Modify tool

The Modify Tool is used to move and adjust elements such as blocks, nodes, routes, trees and city items in the Main Display Window.

You can choose the Modify Tool by clicking on the Modify Tool button on the CityCAD Toolbar.

Alternatively, if you are working in the Main Display Window and the last mouse click you made was in that window, then press the keyboard shortcut 'M' to choose the modify tool.


When the Modify tool is selected, any elements that you move the mouse cursor over will highlight.

This indicates which element you will modify if you use the tool.

Moving Elements

Simple Moves vs Specific Vector

There are two ways to move elements described below. Use Simple Moves at an early, conceptual stage when testing broad concepts.

When you need to move an element more precisely, select it and use the Modify Tool to Ctrl-click at a base point. You can then type in a 3D vector (eg. '100,50,10' then press enter) to move the element more precisely.

Simple Moves

You can click and drag an element, or multiple selections of elements, and they will be moved:

Moving Elements Specified Distances

If you want more control over the direction and distance of your move, then you can move objects in this way:

You can then either:


If you are using the Modify Tool, you can use the following shortcuts:

Moving Isovists

Isovists will be defined by all buildings and blocks (except open space blocks) within range of their centre.

If you move a block or city item which was defining the area of an isovist, then the isovist will not be immediately updated. To update it, select the isovist and click 'Regenerate Isovist' in the Graphics Object Properties window.

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