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Land use mix panel

The Land Use Mix Tab contains information about Land Uses in your city model. There are three sub-tabs:

Land uses

The Land Use Summary displays a graph showing the quantity of floor area of each land use. The graph is labelled with the total area, and the % of the total.

By default, the graph shows totals for all groups and phases in the model. To filter, click the 'Include' drop down panel to select which groups and phases to include.

Residential Analysis

The Residential Analysis contains two pie charts which can be configured separately.

For each chart, there are two controls above:

24-Hour Activity Analysis

This is an area graph generated to give a quick approximate overview of activity throughout the day. For example it indicates what activities take place at what time, as well as what proportion of activity is due to certain land uses.

In the example above, the green represents the activity around various residential land uses. There is some activity throughout the day, but increases in the morning and in the late afternoon/early evening. The light blue represents activity around a cafe/restaurant land use - with separate peaks at lunchtime and in the evening.

The vertical scale is based on the total population of the different land uses, while the horizontal scale covers a 24-hour cycle from midnight to midnight. You can set defaults for each land use in the Land Use settings.

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