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City panel

The City panel or 'City Grid' is a dynamic schedule of elements in your city model. It updates if you create, modify or delete elements in the main display window.

What is listed in the City Grid?

CityCAD Elements and other entries listed in the City Grid are as follows:

Note that Graphics Objects are not listed in the City Grid, but can be viewed in the Graphics Object Manager.


There are three display modes, which you can choose by selecting from the buttons in the title bar of the grid.

To the right of this are two buttons - Groups and Phases. These will bring up the Groups and Phases dialog.

To the right of this are the filters. You can click these check boxes to show or hide different kinds of CityCAD elements in the grid. From left to right these are: Nodes, Routes, Blocks, Floors, Subdivisions, Trees and City Items.

The last button on the right is 'Add and Customize Columns...' Click this to access a column chooser, which you can use to select which columns are displayed in the City Grid.

Characteristics of the City Grid

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