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General panel

This panel shows a selection of key facts about your city model.

Custom Information

On the left, you can edit custom text fields for storing information about your model.

The 'Name' row will always be shown at the top and cannot be deleted. This name will appear in the top row of the City Grid, the Movement Grid and the Appraisal Grid.

The other rows can be created and deleted as required. The field names on the left are saved as Program Defaults and will be available in new files that you create. The values for each field are saved with the URB file. If a file is loaded and the saved field does not exist, then it will be added to the current model.

From left to right, the toolbar buttons at the top are:


On the right side of the General tab is a summary of a few headline indicators from your URB model.


If you expand the General Tab, you will see the 'Notes' field which will appear under the Summary.

You can write extended notes, descriptions and comments about your model here. These will be saved with your model and included in the Introduction section if you export a Masterplan Reports.

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