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City design reference library

CityCAD includes access to online information which allows you to quickly find relevant case studies for your masterplan.

What is it?

When you're in the middle of designing a masterplan, you may want to see case studies of similar developments. For example you might want to find examples projects of about the same size, or with the same number of dwellings.

The idea is you can select elements in your model and immediately find relevant case studies.

How does it work?

For example, you can click on a open space block in your model and then click 'Urban Spaces' in the Online Database panel. This will send the area of your selected block to the website and a list of urban spaces of about the same size wil be displayed.

You can also click on a block (or blocks) containing residential units and then click 'Housing Projects', or select a street and click 'Urban Streets' in the Online Database panel. This will load and display examples which may be relevant to your project. You can click on these examples to view more information, or follow links to open information from other sources.

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