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Settings library


Use this panel to create and manage your library of frequently used settings for CityCAD Elements. You can set default settings for routes, blocks, city items and trees.

You can apply settings from this library directly to selected elements in the Main Display Window.

Adding Settings to the Settings Library

You can create settings manually by going to the Route, Block, City Item or Tree Manager and entering default values.

Alternatively, you can save the settings of an element already in your model. To do this:

Applying Settings from the Library to elements in your model

There are three ways to apply settings from the library to elements in your model:

Note that settings will only be applied to relevant elements - for example you cannot apply Route settings to a Block, or vice versa.

If you try to add settings for a block to a block of a different type (eg. if you try to add Open Space Block settings to a Building block), then you will be asked whether you want to convert the block into the relevant type.

Legacy Settings for pre-2010 models

Please note the Settings Library replaced the City Defaults panel when CityCAD 2.0 was released in June 2010. We are not aware of any compatibility problems with models created prior to this date. However, if you have any concerns please contact

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