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File library

Use this panel to create and manage your library of freqently used URB files which can be placed in your model.

URB City Models Included with CityCAD

When you installed CityCAD, a few models are included in the URB Library as examples. These include an indicative Manhattan block and a simple massing model of the Piazza del Campo in Siena. These models do not include a great deal of data, and are intended for quickly comparing sizes against your own masterplan proposals.

Upgrading to new versions

We will occasionally add new models to new versions of CityCAD. For example in CityCAD 2.2 we added some simple models of wind turbines, the Unite d'Habitation (an influential housing project by Le Corbusier in Marseille, France) and a row of contemporary terraced housing which formed part of the Accordia development in Cambridge, UK, which won the Stirling Prize for Architecture in 2008.

If you are installing for the first time then these will appear in your URB File Library.

If you are upgrading to a new version, then new URB files will not be added to your sample files directory in order to preserve the integrity of your previous URB File Library. If you would like to include the new models you have two options.

  • You can either delete your configuration files and re-install CityCAD - they will then be created as part of the install process.
  • If you want to keep your existing configuration settings and URB File Library, then you can download the new files directly and add them manually.
    Download the new sample files

Adding URB files to your library

To add the whole of your current model, click the green 'Add' button at the bottom of the Settings Library. Enter a name and click the 'Save All' button, then click 'OK'.

To add part of your current model, select those elements you want to add (you can do this using the Select Tool or use the Custom Select function). Click the green 'Add' button, enter a name and click 'Save Selection Only', then 'OK'. This will add the currently selected items to your URB Library.

Adding files manually

The files in the URB File Library are saved in a directory called 'Sample Files' in your Application Data directory. If you prefer, you can simply drag files into this directory manually. They will appear the next time you open CityCAD, or if you click the 'Refresh' button from within CityCAD. Click the yellow folder button to open this directory in Windows.

Placing a file from your URB File Library into your current CityCAD model

Drag an item from the URB File Library into the Main Display Window and release the mouse button.

The file to be inserted will be copied to the clipboard and you can then click to place the file.

Please note the following:

Technical Note

Administering the URB Libraries of Several Users

If you have access to the users' application data directory, you can copy URB files directly into them. By default, the directory for URB Library files is as follows:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\your user account name\Application Data\Holistic City\CityCAD\Samples
Vista: C:\Users\your user account name\AppData\Roaming\Holistic City\CityCAD\Samples

Deleting Embedded URB Files (the ones that are there when you install the program)

Embedded URB files can be deleted, and will only be re-created on re-installation of CityCAD.

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