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Current selection

The Current Selection panel allows you to view information and edit the currently selected CityCAD elements. It is divided into two tabs - 'info' and 'edit'.


The 'Info' sub-tab displays the following information about the currently selected element(s):

It also displays the total number of elements selected, broken down by type.


The Edit tab allows you to perform batch edits of multiple selections and to save operations in a library of actions.

Choose the required operation from the drop down menus and click 'Apply'. Remember the operation will only be applied to relevant elements that are currently selected.

Custom Select Window

You can reach this window by selecting 'Custom Select' in the Edit menu or by pressing the 'Custom Select' button in the Current Selection panel described above.

This window allows you to select a set of elements in your model which meet certain criteria. For example, you can select all routes of a particular type or above or below a certain width.

What are the 'Current Floors' ?

Every time a block or mixed-use perimeter block is selected, you have the option of choosing a floor (or subdivision) to edit. This is the 'current floor' for the block you have selected. The 'current floor' for each block will be stored in memory. If you select the block again, the floor you were previously editing will appear again. If you select multiple blocks, and then edit the 'current floors' in the Edit panel, this will apply to the current floor of each block.

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