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Help and Support

The Help and Support Panel is an embedded internet browser that provides links to latest news, the CityCAD Help Files and other technical resources.

It can only be used to view pages on the CityCAD server, and if any external links are clicked, then they will open in your internet browser.

Technical Note

When does CityCAD connect to the internet?

There are only three circumstances when CityCAD will attempt to connect to the internet:

  • If you click 'Activate' in the Product Activation window to connect and activate or deactivate your product online.
  • If you view the Help and Support panel in the City Design Assistant Panel, or follow any links within it.
  • If you use the Online Database in the City Design Assistant panel.

If you would prefer that CityCAD did not attempt to contact the internet on startup when viewing the Help and Support panel, you can go to the Advanced Preferences window and de-select 'Always start CityCAD in online mode'.

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