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Route / Node shading

In the main display window, by default the routes are coloured according to the settings in the Streetscape Editor. You can choose to shade the blocks depending on several attributes. To customize shading colours, you can go to the Preferences window.

Choose View Menu: Route / Node Shading... and a panel will appear:

Click on the drop-down menus to choose from several variables, or custom variables. All routes in the model will then be shaded according to that variable, and a key will be provided in the Legend panel.

The shading will update dynamically if you modify the model in a way that changes the variable. For example, if you shade the routes 'By Gradient' and then increase the height of a node or the length of a sloping route, then the colour shading indicating gradient will change as well.

Shade by Gradient to find accessible pedestrian networks

Shading 'By Gradient' can be a very quick way of finding accessible pedestrian networks through a hilly masterplan. Also, shading by the density of entrances along a street can sometimes give an indication of the activity along the street.

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