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Graphics Object Properties

If you select a Graphics Object, the Graphics Object Properties appear in the Properties panel.

You can use this panel to change the properties of the item. The Graphics Object properties will also appear if you have just drawn a graphics object as it will be selected.

There are two sub-groups in the Graphics Object Properties:


Graphics Object Properties - Placemarks

Graphics Object Properties - Landmarks

Graphics Object Properties - Arrows

Graphics Object Properties - Isovists

Default Graphics Object Properties

If you click one of the four buttons to choose the Graphics Object Tool (ie. by clicking the place, landmark, arrow or isovist buttons) and have not selected any elements in the Main Display Window, then the Default Graphics Object Properties will be displayed.

These are default settings which will be applied to all new graphics object of the chosen type drawn in the current file. Please note if you want to change the default settings this panel is the only place where they can be set.


Isovists will be defined by all buildings and blocks (except open space blocks) within range of their centre.

If you move one of the barriers, then the isovist will not automatically regenerate. You need to click 'Regenerate Isovist' in the properties panel (or click 'Regenerate All Isovists' in the Graphics Object Toolbar).

If you have imported a DXF file as a City Item, you can choose whether it blocks isovists or not. Check or uncheck the box in the DXF Import Window for City Items.

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