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City Item Properties

If you select a City Item in the Main Display Window, then the following sub-panels will appear:

City Item Properties

You can specify a 'Total Area' for the item, as well as variables such as number of storeys and building height. Please note that the 'Total Area' is equivalent to the 'footprint' of a block, and is not the same as GFA.

The contents of this sub-panel change depending on which City Item Type you select.

Default City Item Properties

If you choose the City Item Tool but do not select any elements in the Main Display Window, then the Default City Item Properties will be displayed.

These are default settings which will be applied to all new City Items drawn in the current file.

Properties vs Default Properties

The City Item Properties and Default City Item Properties look exactly the same - check the title to see which you are editing.

To edit the Default Properties, ensure that no elements are selected in the Main Display Window. (You can do this by choosing the 'Select' Tool and clicking on the sky or an empty part of the ground plane).

City Item Data

Here, you can add land use subdivisions to your City Item based using the same user interface as Mixed Use Blocks.

The only difference from Mixed-Use Blocks is the way the total area (footprint) of the block is defined. The 'footprint' of a City Item is fixed and is specified as 'Total Area' in the City Item Properties panel above. The area of a Mixed-Use block is calculated from the geometry of the block and can be changed if the block is modified in the Main Display Window.

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