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Export KML models

You can use this tab to export your city model as a KML File which can be opened using Google Earth™ and other mapping services.

From top to bottom:


You can enter a name, description and a link which will be included in the description of your KML file.


You can specify the latitude and longitude of your city model. The zero point of your city model will be placed at the exact coordinates you specify.

You can set the altitude relative to the ground, or an absolute value.


Choose which placemarks you want to add to the KML model, and also select a colour for the model if required.

Click 'Export as KML...' to save a KML file of your city model.

Technical Note - About KML

KML is an XML language for showing geographic annotation and visualization on internet-based maps. It was developed for use with Google Earth™, which was originally named Keyhole Earth Viewer. For more information, see the KML article on Wikipedia.

If you want to edit your KML file in more detail, you can open it in Google Earth™ or Notepad and edit it there. For more technical information about the file format, see the KML Documentation on the Google™ website.

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