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Exporting reports

There are two kinds of reports you can export:

Both of these are in RTF (rich text format). RTF can be used in many common word processing applications such as Microsoft Word™ or WordPad™.

At the top of the window are controls which apply to both the summary and the longer report.

Creating a 1-page summary

Click 'Export One Page Summary...' to export the document in RTF format.

Creating a Masterplan Report

Hint: Introduction Text

If you go to the General tab of the City Analysis Panels and expand the panel by clicking the up arrow, you will see the notes section.

You can type extended text into this panel and it will appear as the first text in the Introduction section of any exported report.

You can choose what information is included in the longer report by selecting the check boxes.

Click 'Export Masterplan Report..' to export the document in RTF format.

Technical note - creating more sophisticated customized reports

If you want to create multiple reports of different scenarios in a custom format with your own template, you may want to export your Data (see below) into a csv or xls file. You can then use a mail merge or similar process to create your report.

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