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Export data

You can use this tab to export the contents of the City, Movement and Appraisal Grids as data files.

You can export them into csv (comma separated values) format, or as tabs in a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet in XLS format

Technical Note - Data formats

Please note that data is exported from CityCAD as a string, and so individual cells in an Excel sheet may not be in number format.

Converting a range of cells in Excel to number format

If you need to convert cells to number format, please follow these steps carefully:

  • In an empty cell, enter the number 1
  • Select the cell, and choose Edit Menu: Copy (or type Ctrl-C)
  • Select the range of cells you want to convert to a number, right-click and select 'Paste Special..'
  • Under 'Operation', click 'Multiply'
  • This will multiply all the cells by 1 - this will of course not change the value, but will convert them all to number format.
  • Finally, delete the content of the original cell with '1' in it.


Please note that since the release of CityCAD 2.2, there has been no need to have Microsoft Excel™ installed on your PC for this feature to work.

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