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Export images

You can use this tab to print or export the current view in the main display window.

On the left, the 'Preview' area shows you a preview of what is going to be printed. If you want a more detailed view of what will be printed, click 'Print Preview...' at the bottom of the window.

On the right are several options. The preview view will update if you make changes to these:


These controls do not apply to the Current View. If you want to reduce the size of the image, then click 'Paper & Margins...' at the bottom and increase the margins on each size. The image will be resized within the remaining space on the paper.


Click the radio buttons to choose between portrait and landscape.


If you select the 'Add Title' check box, a title will be added to your image. Click the drop down menu to choose between 'Top Centre' and 'Top Left'. You can type in text for the main title and two subtitles, and edit the font and colour of each using the buttons on the right.

The 'Add Legend' control does not apply to the 'Current View' and is used when printing plans.


If you select the 'Add Border' check box, then a line will be drawn around the image (ie. not around the title as well). You can adjust the line colour and lineweight using the drop down menus to the right.


Click the drop down menu next to 'Printer' to choose which of your installed printers to use. Also, the current Paper Size is displayed here.

Click 'Paper & Margins...' to change print settings of the printer you selected.

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