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Deleting elements

To delete an element:

Start by selecting the element(s) to delete with the Select Tool

There are four ways you can then delete the selected elements:

The element will then be deleted.

What else will be deleted?

How will I know what else will be deleted?

The 'Delete Elements' window will appear, and give you a list of all the elements which will be deleted. Click 'OK' to proceed, and 'cancel' to exit without deleting.

Merging Blocks

If you delete a route which separates two blocks, then the two blocks will be merged.

The Delete Elements window will list the blocks which are being merged. You can apply the properties of one of the blocks to be applied to the newly merged block by selecting it in the list. See the example below:

Deleting Nodes on a straight route

If you want to delete a node along a route, but do not want to delete the routes on either side, you can drag the node using the modify tool to the next node along the route. This will effectively delete one of the routes, but at the same time will extend the other route. See the example below:


Hint - Deleting Elements Immediately

If you want to delete elements immediately, you can do this by typing Shift-Del. Warning: this may delete adjacent nodes and blocks. Remember you can Undo actions if you accidentally delete more elements than you intended to.

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