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This is a summary of several keyboard and mouse shortcuts available when using CityCAD.


If you hold the mouse cursor still over parts of the CityCAD window, tooltips will appear giving you information about what each thing is.

Keyboard shortcuts for selecting tools

Keyboard shortcuts can be used for selecting tools. Note that these shortcuts only work when you are working in the main display window and have just clicked in the main display window.

Opening Files

You can drag URB file icons from any directory into the CityCAD window to open them. You can also type Ctrl-O.

Navigating Around The City Model

When using most tools, you can orbit by clicking and dragging with the mouse wheel button. If you hold down Ctrl while doing this, then it will act like the grab tool.

Rotate City Items, Gridirons and Pasted Elements before Placing

If you are doing one of the following:

Explode to Floor

To explode to the ground floor of a building block, select the block and type Ctrl-0

To explode to the first floor above the ground floor of a building block, select it and type Ctrl-1 for the first floor above ground, and so on up to the ninth floor.


Moving Exploded Floors Up and Down

When a block is exploded and one or more floors are 'up in the air', and if the block is selected, then you can adjust the height of the blocks by holding down Ctrl and rolling the mouse wheel up and down.

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