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Copying and pasting

To cut or copy an element or several elements

First, select the element(s) using the Select Tool.

To cut or copy, you can either:

Note that if you use one of the keyboard shortcuts or the right-click menu then the position of the mouse cursor will be the base point used when pasting the element(s).

To paste an element or several elements

To paste, you can either:

You will see a ghosted image of the elements you are about to paste. Use the mouse cursor to position them as required and click once to place.

You can hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel up or down to rotate the item(s) before placing them.

Note that if you have switched on snaps, nodes in the main display window may be highlighted. This means that the element(s) you are about to paste will snap to them. Note that if more than one node is snapping, then the element(s) you are about to paste may be distorted, and you may lose information about subdivisions.

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